Android Google Maps Directions over Bluetooth in car…

One thing the iPhone did extremely well was Google Maps Navigation. When driving using Google Maps on my iPhone it would make small calls over bluetooth to play turn by turn directions. Very handy.

I am attempting to do the same thing on my Note 4. This is what I am going to try today.

Soundabout for Android $2.99 USD for the pro version does work for me and allows me to list to voice directions.

Navigation (Text To Speech) audio to various outputs (Bluetooth mono in car)

Post by SoundAbout on Sat Sep 07, 2013 5:57 pm
1 – Open SoundAbout app
2 – Set “Media audio” to “Let app decide”
3 – Click on “Text-To-Speech behavior…”
3.1 – Set “Audio output…” to what you want. (example: Bluetooth (mono)) I used “Let app decide”
3.2 – Google Navigation will request ALL of the directions at the beginning of the trip. This won’t work as we need to switch the audio dynamically when the direction is needed. To help this, I set “Max utterance per request …” to 1 or 2.
3.3 – If using Bluetooth mono, you may need to set “Delay utterance (secs)” to 1.5 or 2. This will allow time for the audio to switch to Bluetooth mono, which is slow to switch over. If you don’t, you may miss some of the directions.
3.4 – Click on the “Android TTS settings…” You will see some TTS engine choices. Choose “SoundAbout TTS”.

4 – Click on “Listen to example” to see if audio comes out of the desired output.

Note: many features are only available in the Pro version. The trial version will give you a few days to test the software.


I will report back my findings later.


Update –  I got it working but there was a 1-2 second delay no matter what I tried when the call was placed over my car Bluetooth. This pretty much made it unusable.

Feeling even more frustrated with the quality of pictures I was getting from the Note 4 slow camera I am transitioning back to iOS because I don’t want want to spend time on issues like this.