Batman Bad Blood video review

DC Comics recently released a direct to DVD / Digital movie featuring Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Batwoman and Batwing.  This movie felt very similar to that of Batman Year One, Batman vs Robin, Justice League War, and Justice League Throne of Atlantis.

It was good but not great. The good was seeing some familiar faces like Batwoman and Batwing from the New 52 comics on the screen as this was their debut in any DC Animated Title. We also got to see Dick don the Cowl in this something comics readers are familiar with but not seen in any animated title.

Though for the good it did do, it did not even come close to my all time favorite Batman move... Batman Under The Red Hood. Part of that could be because of the strength of story.

Over all I did enjoy this movie. The animation was well done, just not my favorite art style. The voice acting was passable but not great. My rating 7/10.