Empathy is important to understanding users holistically which is essential in every project. 

My Goal

To seek out opportunities that lets me flourish as a creative individual as well as make good use of my technical skills. As user experiences get more and more complex it is essential to be able to identify the problems that need to be solved both from a design perspective as well as a technical perspective. 

We learn by example and by direct experience because there are real limits to the adequacy of verbal instruction.
— Malcom Gladwell

What I've Achieved

  • Rebranded websites for Financial Firm.
  • Responsive Micro-sites.
  • Ux Designed Android /iOS app.
  • HTML Marketing.
  • Various Logo Designs. 
  • Lead Graphic Designer for
    World Wide Retailer.
  • Experience in Medical Publications.
  • Experience in US Food Packaging.